Welcome to the Men of Praise
Interdenominational Christian Male Choir
Woodstock, Ontario

Contacting the choir

If correspondence needs to be sent to the choir board, it can be addressed to any of the individuals listed below. You can also send email to info@woodstockmenofpraise.com, which will reach all the same individuals.

President Secretary Alternate

Men Of Praise
c/o Andy VanderPloeg
36 Bluewater Drive
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
N3C 4M3

(519) 658-6504

Men Of Praise
c/o John Limburg
425 Vincent St.
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
N4S 5M7

(519) 290-5075

Men Of Praise
c/o Peter Schepers
317 Knightsbridge Road
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
N4S 7C3

(519) 421-2873
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