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Photo & document gallery

The high majority of the scans in this gallery are taken from the scrapbook archives which have been faithfully maintained by Anne Oosterveld for virtually the entire time the choir has existed. The choir would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to her dedication to this archival job! Other scans are from camera pictures taken at various functions. If anyone has other pictures, documents, programs or other things of interest that they would like to include in this on-line archive, please either send them to us (we will send them back!) or bring them to a board member.

This gallery is almost the entire contents of the archive except for thank-you cards and correspondence which are not included here. The gallery is divided into choir seasons so choose the season you would like to view the scans of. Any entry in the season itinerary that is underlined has pictures associated with it (and not all pages are completed yet, so bear with me!)

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