Welcome to the Men of Praise
Interdenominational Christian Male Choir
Woodstock, Ontario

The 1994-1995 choir season itinerary:

Sept 7, 1994 @ 8:00 PM - Choir information meeting

Sept 21, 1994 @ 8:00 PM - First choir practice

Dec 11, 1994 @ 11:00 AM - Knox Presbyterian Church, Woodstock - In church service

1994-1995 - Ingersoll CRC, date unknown (from the memory of a choir member)

There is not many archive pictures from the earliest few years of the choir, and this is a great disappointment!

Original choir name


Annual concert poster


The original advertised name of the Men Of Praise. An agenda for the first choir meeting, Sept 7, 1994.


Knox Presbyterian Church, WoodstockKnox Presbyterian Church, WoodstockKnox Presbyterian Church, Woodstock


Bulletin for Dec 11, 1994 church service that the choir participated in.

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