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The 1995-1996 choir season itinerary:

Sept 6, 1995 @ 8:00 PM - First choir practice

Sept 24, 1995 @ 7:30 PM - Newark United Church, Newark (?) - In church service, 121'st anniversary

Oct 20, 1995 @ 7:30PM - Chalmers United Church, Woodstock - Guests at Arts & Spirituality Concert

Dec 4, 1995 @ 8:00 PM - New St Pauls Church, (Woodstock?) - Guests in Annual Rotary Christmas Carol service

Dec 17, 1995 @ 7:30 PM - Covenant CRC, Woodstock - In church service.

Dec 22, 1995 @ 7:30 PM - Wortley Baptist Church, London - "An evening of Christmas, Gospel and Fiddle Music" presented by Hockey Ministry International

Jan 7, 1996 in PM - Mt Brydges CRC, Mt Brydges - In church service

Mar 10, 1996 in PM - Stratford CRC, Stratford - Cadet Sunday, in church service.

Apr 5, 1996 @ 7:00 PM - ? (Woodstock) - Good Friday worship service (combined with Chalmers United, St Davids United and Dundas United)

Apr 27, 1996 @ 7:30 PM - Redeemer College, Ancaster - Annual Male Choral Festival of Praise, hosted by The Ambassadors of Hamilton

May 4, 1996 in PM - Maranatha CRC? - Guests at the CRC Annual Spring Concert (Covenant, Maranatha, Emmanuel)

June 8, 1996 @ 8:00 PM - Chalmers United Church, Woodstock - 1'st Annual spring concert

July 10, 1996 @ 6:30 PM - 2'nd annual BBQ (at Nico Jukemas)

These pictures are of the choir in the early days. The exact date is not known, but the season should be close guess.

Choir photo, jackets off


Choir photo, jackets on


This one is jackets off. This one is jackets on. The choir later on adopted a uniform dress ensemble, so no more jackets.


Advertising poster


An advertising flyer asking for new members for the 1995 season.



Sept 24, 1995 Newark United Church, 121'st anniversary, 7:30PM




The program from a concert at Chalmers United Church, along with the cover of the thank-you card, sent to the choir for participation in the Oct 20, 1995 Arts & Spirituality concert. The cover of the thank-you card, sent to the choir for participation in the Oct 20, 1995 Arts & Spirituality concert.



Dec 22, 1995 Hockey Ministry


Male Choral FestivalMale Choral FestivalMale Choral FestivalMale Choral FestivalMale Choral Festival


This is most of the program from our first time attending the Ontario Christian Male Chorus Association's annual Festival Of Praise concert as a guest choir. This year it was held at Redeemer College in Ancaster on April 27, 1996 and hosted by The Ambassors from Hamilton.


Male Choral FestivalMale Choral FestivalMale Choral Festival


May 4, 1996, 16'th annual Spring Choir Concerts of Maranatha, Covenant and Emmanuel churches.


Concert programConcert programConcert programBulletin write-up


These are of the first annual Men Of Praise Spring concert held at Chalmers United Church, Woodstock on June 8, 1996.

Concert ad



Newspaper ad.  


These pictures were taken at the year-end BBQ held at Nico Jukema's farm on July 10, 1996.

BBQ invitation


BBQ - enjoying fellowship


BBQ - enjoying dinner


Invitation, given to all choir members, to attend the annual choir BBQ Members enjoying the fellowship. Members enjoying dinner.

BBQ pic


BBQ pic


More fellowship. The BBQ.

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