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The 1996-1997 choir season itinerary:

Sept 29, 1996 @ 7:00 PM - Aylmer CRC, Aylmer - In church service

Oct 20, 1996 @ 10:30 AM - Emmanuel Reformed Church, Woodstock - In church service

Nov 3, 1996 @ 7:00 PM - Dundas St United Church, Woodstock - 111'th Anniversary service, in church service

Nov 9, 1996 @ 7:30 PM - Maranatha CRC, Woodstock - Back To God Hour rally (Saturday)

Oct-Nov 1996 - Chalmers United Church - 1'st CD/tape recording session

Jan 19, 1997 - St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Ingersoll - Sunday Evening "Make A Joyful Noise" concert

Feb 16, 1997 @ 11:00 AM - Trinity United Church, Ingersoll - In church service

Mar-Apr 1997 - First recording "Go Now In Peace" released

Apr 26, 1997 @ 7:30 PM - Word Of Life Church, St Catherines - Annual Festival Of Praise concert (Hosted by Collegium Musicum, St Catherines)

May 1, 1997 - Choir member Tony Schulman died

May 4, 1997 (PM?) - Knox Presbyterian Church, Woodstock - CBS benefit concert hosted by St Thomas Crescendo, MOP were guests

June 14, 1997 @ 8:00 PM - Chalmers United Church, Woodstock, 2'nd annual concert

June 18, 1997 PM - Annual dinner & business meeting

June 1997? - 3'rd annual BBQ at Nico Jukema's farm

July 1997? - Penman's Factory, Cambridge - Singing at the Canadian Court Citizenship proceedings

July 19, 1997 - Maranatha CRC, Woodstock - Singing at Marriage of Jurgen & Etty Van Dyken

Sept 29, 1996 Aylmer CRC


Oct 20, 1996 Emmanuel Reformed Church


Nov 3, 1996 Dundas St United Church


Back to God Hour rally at Maranatha, Nov 9, 1996


Choir photo
Choir photos taken for concert posters and first CD release. The date is not exactly known, but it is late 1996 to early 1997. This one was taken in Maranatha Christian Reformed Church, instead of Chalmers.


Make A Joyful Noise concert series as St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Ingersoll on Jan 19, 1997.

These are scans of our participation in the church service at Trinity United Church, Ingersoll on Feb 16, 1997.

Newspaper ad #1


Newspaper ad #2


Trinity United Church


Newspaper ad #1 Newspaper ad #2  


Trinity United Church


Program Cover of the thank-you card from Trinity. The cover is a hand-drawn rendition of the church.


Go In Peace cassette
A proud moment, our first recording "Go In Peace" is released on both cassette and CD!

These are scans of our participation at the annual Ontario Christian Male Chorus Association Festival Of Praise, held in St. Catherines at Word Of Life church on April 26, 1997 and hosted by Collegium Musicum of St Catherines.


Ticket stub


Poster Ticket stub from the Festival Of Praise.

Male Choral Festival programMale Choral Festival programMale Choral Festival programMale Choral Festival programMale Choral Festival program


Program from the Festival.

Our director, John Oosterink


Combined choirs


Men Of Praise

Our illustrious director, John Oosterink.

The mass choir.


The Men Of Praise take the stage. Selling our first CD.


Canadian Bible Society Benefit concert at Knox Presbyterian Church, May 4, 1997


Concert poster
Poster ad for the Men Of Praise second annual spring concert on June 14, 1997 in Chalmers. No program exists in the archives.

These are pictures of the year-end BBQ, once again held at Nico Jukema's farm in June, 1997.

BBQ pic #1


BBQ pic #2


BBQ pic #3 BBQ pic #4

Year-end BBQ pictures.




At the BBQ. Members having an impromptu practice, without music.


Singing at the Penmans factory

The exact date for this event is not known (July 1997 is written in the archives), but this was the first time the choir was invited to participate in the Canadian Citizenship ceremonies at the Penmans factory in Cambridge. We did go back for a second time in 1998.

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