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News archive: 2005-2006 season

July 27, 2006

Many apologies for not updating the web site much this season. This season has proved to be an eventful one, with many things happening since the last news update, so I will try to cover them from oldest to newest.

1. Our organist Anneke Baan got married in early April 2006 and therefore resigned from the choir to concentrate on wedding plans. We put out an ad for a new organist, and approached one individual who has accepted the position. We welcome John Lobbezoo of Woodstock as our new organist. He has much work ahead of him as the choir has an extensive repertoire, almost 12 years worth, to draw on.

2. We lost a dear friend and choir member, Wilf Kuipers. He was killed in a farm accident on Mar 4, 2006. Wilf, we miss you!

3. The annual Festival of Praise mass choir concert was a success as well. It was hosted by the Men of Praise, and held in London in the Forest City Community Church on Bostwick Road. Our guest soloist this year was Jane Valenta, and we also had Loralee Benner playing several numbers on the piano.

4. Our director, the choir's co-founder, resigned from his position in May, 2006 citing personal and professional reasons for his decision. John Oosterink, who has led the choir through most of its years, leaves a large position to fill. The board has undertaken the task of finding someone to replace John, and when one is found, it will be announced here.

The choir is now enjoying a summer off. We hope to see everybody, along with some new members, at the season kickoff BBQ in Hickson at the pavilion.

Oct 28, 2005

Our new CD You Are Exalted, a mixture of Christmas and praise songs, is finally pressed and ready for sale! We had hoped to get it sooner but making a CD takes a lot of work, care and patience. All the CD's are for sale on the Recordings page (along with sound samples), and are also available at our concerts (except Sunday services).

Oct 3, 2005

Our choir season has started off very well, and we have a few new members! Not much work has gone into the gallery pages since the end of August, but changes will come slowly. As concert and singing events are completed, pictures and other scans of the event will be put online when time allows.

We are coming up quickly on our first concert of the season on Oct 15 at Chalmers United Church. We hope to see you there!

Aug 11, 2005

The massive job of scanning the archive books has finally been completed, and have put the photos online under the gallery page. Most scans don't have any descriptions yet so there is still much work to do, but the majority of work is now complete.

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